Acoustic Ceilings

Stop unwanted noise with acoustical ceiling systems. Onsite consultations.

Acoustic Ceiling Installation

For 30 years Wallcraft has been proudly serving San Diego, Inland Empire and Orange County. Wallcraft in suspended ceilings, acoustical ceilings, drop ceilings, and T-bar installation for commercial or residential construction projects and top notch service of any kind.

When you think of Drop ceilings you may think of home improvement projects gone wrong, but at Wallcraft Inc of Murrieta, we know how functional and decorative a suspended system can be. Top notch drop ceiling installation by an experienced contractor such as Wallcraft and combined with the latest technology in acoustic ceiling tiles may make for an architectural masterpiece.

Acoustical designs not only help eliminate excessive levels of noise but also help with insulation. Acoustical designs hide unsightly pipes and mechanical fixtures. If your project has no need to hide any plumbing then panels may be another route to take. Residential & commercial buildings may benefit from useful and well-designed installations by Wallcraft. The acoustic tiles allow for easy access to electrical wiring and pipes for maintenance.


Our Company Mission

Honest Consciencus company with staff of same principals can ease your mind of your project coming in on budget and time, and with the spectrum of Wall Craft Inc’s interior capabilities it can limit your worries with depending on other trades to keep you on track your one call really can get it all !!

From 1000 sq.ft. T.I. to 500,000 sq.ft. New Construction

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